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Pirana Joe Key West

11 Feb

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431 Front St, Key West, FL 33040
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
The first Pirana Joe in the USA
– Colorful apparel for the entire family
-Wide range of accessories including polarized sunglasses, watches, handbags, hats, scarves, bikinis and flip flops
-Unique gifts for all ages
Price Range
$$ (10-30)
1 305.414.8078

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History of Pirana Joe

The adventure started on a sunny Tuesday in the year of 2003 on the banks of the Amazon River where, tired and the their clothing practically disintegrating into sheds, breathing heavy because of exhaustion, but with an indescribable look of pride on their faces, Wild Moises, Crazy Ruben, and Carlos Glatt regained their strength after having participated in the “wildest experience on the planet”; that is, the crossing of the Amazon in between a school of furious and very hungry red Piranas.

This activity, in which no citizen of the modern world had ever engaged, and practiced only by the natives of the region, is considered a rite of passage where a man goes from being a child to being an adult in a matter of a few very short and terrifying minutes.

Wild Moises, Crazy Ruben and Carlos Glatt embarked on this experience after consuming buckets of adrenaline as they practiced the most extreme of sports the world has to offer, but always ending up with a feeling of frustration brought about their intuitive feeling that somewhere there existed something more exhilarating, something more demanding, something more daring, something worth reaching for.

The Amazon River adventure turned out to be exactly what these young men were looking for. This experience brought them face to face with danger in a manner that that none of them had ever experienced. For the first time in their lives these adventuresome spirits felt insecure and afraid. In the end, they thanked these little fish with the very sharp teeth for having taught them the real definition of courage.

A year later, as they were reminiscing about their unforgettable experiences in the Amazon, they decided to come down from their hammocks in their island paradise somewhere in the Caribbean where they were surrounded by palm trees sand enjoying the company of beautiful women to create Pirana Joe.

This line of clothing, food and accessories, with its wild look, reminds us of the moment in which our three heroes managed to get out of the water after tempting fate as the defied the piranhas and in the process having practiced in “The wildest experience on the planet”.

So remember, now you are prepared for whatever luck throws your way. You are indestructible and ready for your own wild experience, fortunately you have your own Pirana Joe.